"Fort Elswyn"

Chapter 4 Episode 4

28th of Falazure 1475 DY

The heroes where tasked by the Knights of Ardyn to rescue a imperial defector named Ulisang Sajasane from an Imperial base that borders the Black Curtain. Enroute to the base the heroes where stopped by a routine imperial inspection by The Shadow's Bane Alex spoke with the Captain Vesta who urged Alex to avoid the Black Curtain, afraid that a "Captain" as young as him would be foolish enough to try. 

Arriving at Fort Elswyn the heroes met the prudish Captain Prak, and convinced him that they were selling his observation team paper supplies, Alex caused a distraction with his word of terror which allowed Melas to sneak further onto the base. 

Melas poisoned the Wyvern's so they could not pursue the ship, and snuck through the Fort searching for Ulisang. Eventually finding him in the Observation Room. Unfortunately Melas had been discovered by a group of scribes as he tried to sneak past them, and was forced to flee with Ulisang before stealing some important secrets within Prak's office. 

As Melas made his escape, the Eldritch Storm was surrounded, Alex managed to drive off most of the guards with his word of terror, but soon combat erupted as Leira killed some guards stuck in a hypnotic pattern. Alex, Melas, and Thamak fought against the Wyvern Riders, and the remaining Legionaires, while Leira used her Storm Sphere and flight to take out the Gunnery Tower, and Prak's ship The Viper. 

During the battle Melas dominated one of the Wyvern's and the crew subdued it below deck before the effect could run out, then the heroes made there escape, sailing towards Anchortown. 


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