Chapter 1 Episode 8

2nd of Zarenshar 1474 DY

Aside Aivin Niri, the party traveled went below the Serpent Hill Ruins, into what appeared to be the crypt of a Yuan-Ti Prince, fighting against a pair of Yuan-Ti mummies, Rath came down with a nasty case of Mummy Rot, though Aivin would be able to cure it given time. Past the mummies, Melas heard noises coming from the next room over, and began to listen in. One of Kheth's Sorcerers, and a pair of Yuan-Ti Purebloods were speaking with a strangely pale Tiefling man in runic armor over there attempts to use the Harrowfang Cauldron.

While Melas was eavesdropping on the Tiefling, Darien began to search a nearby Sarcophagi, finding no corpse inside of it, but instead a variety of coins and a strange golden scroll case. Opening the case Darien accidently freed the soul of a Yuan-Ti prince, named Esselth, who then took up residence within Darien. Lyria began to approach Darien, but made a loud noise while doing so, ending up alerting the creatures in the next room.   

The Tiefling sent his minions after the party while he made his escape, forcing the party to do battle with the Yuan-Ti, the Kobold, and the Wights, during the fight the party killed one of the Yuan-Ti which activated the Harrowfang Cauldron, unfortunately an unrelated earthquake rocked the ruins which began to collapse in on themselves leading the party to make a narrow escape. 

After speaking about the Cauldron and Esselth the party returned to Kheth with Aivin. On their way back they met a strange elven man named Evandor, who shared many similarities with Melas. Evandor spoke solely with Telepathy, is unfailingly polite, and wishes others would not curse around him, he and Melas explained some of the nature of their powers to the others in the group, and Evandor followed the group back to Tyrak'n. 

Upon noticing the Lantheon had arrived back in town Darien rushed home with the hopes of finding Morrow, who had last served on the ship, not finding him at home, Darien spoke to Captain Raiko (a close friend of Darien and Thorgrim) who informed him that Morrow had not departed with the ship from Io'garalath, though he had been in the city. 

Later that night over drinks, the sailors from the Lantheon spoke about a recent terror attack in the capital, though none know who committed it. Lyria nearly got in a fist fight with one of them after a flippant comment about her father. Zalios was nowhere to be seen. 

The Magistrate and his wife spoke to the party, informing them of Cyrik's departure from Kheth. He plans on petitioning the empire for support against the goblin threat. While they were speaking Esselth took up residence in the magistrate, who was later informed of this happening by Thorgrim. 

Evandor spoke to Melas about giving into the powers, saying that the more he resisted the weaker he would become, Melas tentaivly agreed to Evandor's request and the pair prepare for sleep. 

Darien returned home worried about his father, and began going to bed. Fortunately for him he noticed the Assassin with the insectoid arm, who was hiding within his rooms. The assassin lunged for his throat as we cut to black. 


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