" Zardkarath Part 2"

Chapter 2 Episode 10

15th of Eryman 1474 DY

As Mheletros roars shook Zardkarath, the heroes continued to search for Vulas. Prismeous threatened Rath believing her to be the cause of the betrayal. Being short on time the heroes freed Vulas who was happy to be reunited with his love Priscilla and his sister Lyria. As they freed Vulas Mheletros burst through the ceiling intent on devouring the heroes. Prismeous stared downed Mheletros with his Dragonslayer Greatbow with Fulvous staying behind to help. Giving the others time to run further Prismeous lured the dragon into a trap as it bared down on him collapsing a section of the wall on himself and Fulvous, who narrowly escaped after stabbing the dragon in the back. 

The heroes escaped the prison after an exciting chase, where Rath was nearly caught by the Mheletros. Getting onto The Eldritch Storm the heroes where attacked by a Dragovar Warship only being saved by the The Sliver Lining. After laying low in Anchortown for a few weeks with Vulas and Priscilla, the heroes returned to Io'garaloth after saying there goodbyes. Vulas gave his sister his hat and asked her not to tell her father of their meeting. 

In Io'garaloth Melas and Lyria discovered that Kato was missing and that a halfing named Oleander has taken his place at the head of the information brokerage. Haegar Kreed informed Darien that he would need to stay in town to repay his favor, which Zaibon would soon be calling in. Melas and Lyria found out the cargo of the Morkoth was catastrophic dragon eggs which are highly explosive and apparently a few other interested parties have found out about them. 

As the heroes returned to the ship they noticed the impressive imperial warship Ashe-Naga which was carrying Vizier Nharrek who was in town to root out Myrthon Symathizers. However before the ship could reach the Dragon's Grotto an explosion erupted from it's hull blasting the ship apart. 


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