Chapter 4 Episode 3

17th of Falazure 1475 DY

Halfway on through journey to Fort Elswyn, the heroes laid down to rest and were overcome by strange dreams. Unbeknownst to our heroes the Far Realm enity that had laid itself in Melas's head had drawn them into a nightmare realm where they could die in there dreams. 

Darien relived his early childhood memories with his Father, his meeting of Tallia and his fight with Haegar Kreed. 

Leira relived her early childhood spent in her Father's manor, and her subsequent kidnapping by Evan Senestrago. 

Thamak recalled be challenged by his tribe, challenges that would bring him into manhood. 

Alex remembered his first foray into Vecna worship, and the things he saw beneath Io'Fazor. 

After Melas was "reborn" into the world again he began to see the dreams of his friends, and noticed how there memories began warping into more dangerous siuations. Thamak was drawn into the Far Realm, Darien fought Zaibon, not Haegar, Senestrago attempted to kill Leria instead of ransom her ect. 

Melas managed to travel between these dreams and free his friends, before the enity in his head exploded out of the back of it. Forcing a fight in the Material plane against the creature. 


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