"Deal with the Devil"

Chapter 2 Episode 4

25th of Io'lor 1474 DY

Darien could not find any trace of his father in the city, but did come across his uncle Johias Ilum who spoke to him on the Knights of Ardyn. Johias informed Darien of Melas's importance to the Knights, and asked him to arrange another meeting between them. After agreeing to do so, Darien departed and decided to regroup with his allies. 

Melas gathered up some ingredients for the ritual to restore his memory before returning to the ship. The heroes informed each other of their findings before heading to meet with Kato. After being briefed by Kato (now in his Clef disguise) the party met with the tiefling warlock Excellence, who after a good deal of flirting agreed to arrange a meeting with Zaibon. 

The ill mannered Prismeus (Lieutenant to Zaibon) met them at Impy's and led them to Hellstrike, the flagship/fortress of the Horned Alliance. The party gave their appeal to Zaibon as he bleached the bones of a dragonborn who crossed him, and he agreed to help them in anyway he could, provided they do a favor for him, to be named at a later date. The party agreed and drank Impstinger to seal the deal. 

The next day the party met with Kato for lunch at the Hen and Apple. While they were eating human man approached the parties table offering a message to Darien. He threatened the party with the wrath of Iojad the Elementalist (a member of the Shan Qabal) before detonating an acid bomb in an attempt to kill Darien. While Lyria was hurt (along with several townsfolk) the party survived and fled the scene. 

Heading back to the ship discreetly the Kato hoped that the party would avoid trouble with the local authorities urging the party to duck away from the Jhal Shard wizard Toseth, who was patrolling the streets with his procession of Thrulls. Much to his horror Darien recognized one of the Thrulls under the command of Toseth to be his father Denarrion. 


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