"Crimdrac's hoard"

Chapter 4 Episode 6

5th of Garyx 1475 DY

<u>Featuring Special Guest Star! Zalios Kennos. </u>

Zalios had been separated from the heroes for sometime, leaving to go out on his own to try and control his renewed demonic powers, being unwilling to give them up in light of the Far Realm incursion. Zalios is now out on his own finding creatures who are demontouched like himself, and trying to absorb there power, while balancing this increase in power with martial training. 

Zalios had come to the island of Crimdrac to slay it's dragon overlord who had once done battle with a powerful demon, and come out victorious. However Zalios had to bide his time and wait, knowing he couldn't do it alone…

The party on the other had were hunting Crimdrac to help relieve there friend Kato's debt to the Winterleaf Costor, with Alex, Darien and Melas traveling to the island to confront the dragon. Thamak and Leira were sent to Naelere in an attempt to find a horn for Torin Raiko, another friend of the party. 

Melas and Darien where reunited with Zalios after he came to there aid during an Orc ambush, together they assaulted the lumbermill where the Frost Giants were staying, swiftly taking care of the tribe before doing battle with Crimdrac himself on the frozen ground before the half built ship Icebreaker. 

Zalios was forced to assume his demon form during the battle against the dragon, and after Crimdrac had been slain his bloodlust drove him into attack Alex and Melas. Zalios finally managed to get control over himself, and again parted ways with the party. 

Darien & Melas met with Tallia Winterleaf and entered into an exclusive ship building contract with the company, after Tallia was impressed by there dragon slaying abilities. She also offered to add some more improvements to Morrow's Triumph at no additonal cost, but it would mean the ship would be under construction for another 3 weeks. 


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