Caves of the Kraken Cult

Chapter 3 Episode 3

29th of Eryman 1474

After the death of the Vizier the heroes patched up their relationship with the Horned Alliance, while Zaibon returned Leria to the heroes unharmed. Melas asked for Zaibon's permission to rescue Kato from the Kraken Cult, but Melas was shot down by Zadi. Darien was reunited with his brother Alexandros and together the heroes decided that they would try and rescue Kato despite the risk of angering Zaibon. 

Descending the heroes explored the tomb of Thalassa a demigod daughter of Melora, and Leria retrieved the legendary artifact Wave (despite almost getting killed by a Death Knight). The heroes continued to explore the cavern, fighting against Skol Gibbeth a Kraken Priest and Starlord who had transformed into a Gibbering Orb. Defeating Skol the heroes pressed on despite Melas's increasing feeling of doom. 

Arriving at a underground lake, Melas and Wave sensed a powerful presence beneath the water, before the heroes could flee an army of Kuo-Toa and Chuul attacked them while waves crashed all around. During the chaos of battle a tentacle rose from the water and slammed into Rath killing her instantly. After that it was a mad fight for survival, in the end even Melas's quick summoning of his snake was not enough to turn the tide of battle. The heroes were taken captive by the Kuo-Toa, and are now being brought before their new masters, the sinister Illithids of Io'garaloth…


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