Chapter 3 Episode 1

16th of Eyrman 1474 DY

Leria, Melas, Fulvous, and Rath began to help the survivors of the wreck, with Leria even saving Vizier Nharrek from being trapped under some rumble. Using the disaster as an distraction, Melas and Leria snuck into the Venomspine Grotto to steal the Catastrophic dragon eggs from the Morkoth. They instead discovered that the eggs where missing and that the captain of the Morkoth was secretly working for Senestrago. One of Senestrago's captains a stout dwarven woman flanked by Iron Defenders searched the ship only to find it empty as well, she however decided to burn it to the ground. 

Meanwhile back at the wreck Rath continued to tend to the wounded. Fulvous was apporached by Vizier Nharrek and given a magical amulet that was meant as a thank you to Leria for saving his life. Fulvous instead wanted to keep it for himself. 

 Returning back to the ship the heroes were greeted by a summons to Hellstrike, the island fortress of the Horned Alliance to finally revice their mission. Unable to find Darien, Fulvous and Rath decided to accompany them to the ship instead. A tall cloaked figure was talking to Zaibon and Suffer (one of his enforcers), before exiting. Zaibon ordered the party to kill Vizier Nharrek to pay back Leria's debt. She signed a blood contract and was instructed to kill him within a fortnight or face the consequences. 

As they returned they spotted a strange ship floating towards the city away from Hellstrike. As they landed Melas and Leria went to investigate the ship, while Fulvous snuck off to the Dragon's Grotto. Melas and Leria happened to see the strange hooded figure go into the Temple of Melora. Following him inside they snuck past the "priests" to find a strange hidden passageway. Melas began to have disturbing visions and hear haunting voices as he was drawn deeper. Eventually he was broken from his trance by an earthquake coming from below. Leria and Melas killed the Priests but did not escape before a Hooded Figure attacked them, revealing itself to be a Mindflayer. The pair fought against the creature and drove it off, but only after almost getting killed. 

Fulvous had taken a liking to Vizier Nharrek, and decided to warn the Imperial Guard about the attack. Showing them the amulet given to him by the Vizier, Fulvous convinced them of the threat posed by the Horned Alliance and Leria herself (albeit unwillingly). The Vizier took Fulvous in as a servant/advisor as a reward for this tip off and sent men to detain and question Leria. 

When Leria and Melas arrived back at the ship Leria was arrested by the guards and taken to fairly pleasant accomdations. The rest of the crew were questioned, and under suspicoion but where not yet arrested. 

Melas spoke to Johias about the situation and spoke of what they were going to do about poor Leria and the Vizier. It was decided that Melas would kill him so that Zaibon wouldn't kill Leria, then Melas began to follow around the Vizier discovering Fulvous following him around declaring our feathered friend a traitor. Melas and Fulvous watched as Imperial Legoinnares raided Impy's putting many of the patreons their to the sword, including the parties friend and ally Excellence. Impy himself managed to escape. 


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