"A death in the family"

Chapter 2 Episode 1

8th of Zarenshar DY 1474

Darien and Melas attempted to interrogate Lara a girl with the connections to the Vecnites. Though Darien gets a bit tongue tied while attempting to speak with her, through Melas's mind reading they get the information they need. Gathering up the rest of the party (who were laying low in Shrine of Bahamut.) they headed beneath the Magistrate's mansion, hoping to search the Vecnites Lair for clues that lead them to the Black Pyramid. 

Lyria, Thorgrim, Zalios and Rath hid around the cellar entrance, while Darien and Melas snuck into the secret chamber behind the cultists. Searching the chambers below them in secret Melas (while invisible) stumbled across a documents which led them to The Black Pyramid, and set an important timetable for them, they needed to stop the ritual before Soulharvest (the 13th of Zarenshar) or all the souls of those who die on Kheth will be transferred to Vecna. 

Unfortunately Darien alerted the Vecnites to the heroes presence before he and Melas could make their escape. The Vecnites chased Darien followed by a pair of Wights, one of the Wights happened to notice Lyria, and combat was joined. Melas managed to scare most of the cultists away through magical threats, and the others managed to kill the wights, but not before one of them drained the life from Thorgrim. 

Knowing that they did not have long until Soulharvest the heroes gave Thorgrim a quick burial planning on doing an extended service at another time. Heading to the Black Pyramid the heroes spotted several large groups of undead rising and heading towards the Serpent Hill Ruins, and the Harrowfang Cauldron. Deciding to save this for later our heroes arrived at the Black Pyramid, and fought against the corpse of Esselth before making their way into the Pyramid…

NOTE: Thorgrim was killed by a wight. He was buried under the rock where Darien professed his love to Talia Darkbloom prompting Darien to read the letter she wrote him. The contents of which he has not revealed yet. 


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