"Lover's Quarrel"
Chapter 4 Episode 10

The heroes parted ways with Sea King Firerazor, intent on returning to Darien's home island of Kheth which was soon to be attacked by Sanghori Pirates. The heroes returned to Longshore Manor to return Morwai's engine, and Darien became intimate with Alyssa Longshore, after the two of them shared a meal together. Leira discovered this which led her to be understandably enraged at Darien, not only for being ignorant of the impact of his words on her, but also for sleeping the sister that she hated the most. 

Now with a division amongst the group, the heroes reunited with Alexandros on Kheth and prepared for the assault. Upon visiting Thorgrim's grave, Darien discovered it to be empty, combined with his recent arguement with Leira drove him into the bottle. Melas meanwhile began to investigate the Vecnites activity on the island after he finally spoke to Aivin. Melas discovered much to his terror that his teleportation was causing rifts in reality. 

Spying on the Vecnites, he saw a group of wizards and warforged harnessing a Black spinning Orb which seemed to be sucking away the souls of those slain on the island, hearing sounds of battle, Melas had to rush back the Tyrak'n to help his friends mount the defenisive… 

"We Three Sea Kings"
"Chapter 4 Episode 9"

24th of Hlal 1475 DY

Lucien Longshore arrived back at home, much to the delight of his children. For a few hours it felt like Leira had never left home to begin with. Lucien regaled Darien with tales of Draeken Malios, with whom Lucien had served, and treated the other members of the group with dignity and respect. Lucien offered to pay the heroes to return the stolen engine from Lily Von Scthupp to which the heroes happily agreed. 

Finding herself alone with her father Lucien offered Leira a place on his flagship as first mate, telling her that he intended to groom her as his replacement. Leria realized that this offer wasn't entirely genuine, and in her estimation, just another form of control. The two fought over Lucien's overprotective nature, and his decision to not tell her about Vulas's attack on the Capital. 

Darien went to go speak to Lucien about Leira, but was rebuffed, but not before he left a strongly worded letter refusing to join Lucien's fleet (and offer that had never been extended). Leira left a letter of her own, simply promising to talk to her father later. Together the heroes tracked down Lily Von Scthupp, with Melas opening a gate between the two ships to transport a boarding crew across. 

While Darien and Alex pursued Von Scthupp below decks, Leira, Thamak, and Melas were forced to return to The Saga to defend it from Von Scthupp's Iron Shark. Von Scthupp teleported away with the engine in tow, however Alex used his amulet to follow Von Scthupp, who had teleported to an Astral Ship which was coming in from above. Aboard that ship was a trio of Red Dragons, and there Githyanki masters, all under the control of Sea King Senestrago. 

Senestrago ordered his dragons to kill the heroes, but they managed to survive long enough to teleport below with the engine. Senestrago prepared to pursue them, but the arrival of another player caused him to retreat back into the Astral Sea. 

Thousands of Tons of massive wrought iron, plowed through the waters towards the heroes, in the form of the Inferno the largest ship on the dragon sea. A mobile fortress of dwarven design, and the flagship of the mysterious Sea King Firerazor, in the face of this monstrous device, the heroes surrendered, and were brought aboard, were Darien saw a familiar face. 

Xalak the dragonborn, the man who taught Darien how to fight had become Sea King Firerazor! Darien and Firerazor reconnected, and Firerazor told the heroes the story of how he came in possession of the Inferno. Darien decided that there was no one he would rather ally with than Firerazor, and so he swore himself to the Sea King. 

"Longshore Manor"
Chapter 4 Episode 8

19th of Hlal 1475 DY

Leira, Thamak and Melas were escorted to the Bael Nerath barony of Clovencrag home of the marvelous longshore estate, by Leira's sister Alyssa. Arriving on the island Leira was reunited with much of her family, but noticed many of the changes that had transpired while she was away. Leria regaled her young siblings with the tales from her journey while the heroes awaited the arrival of Sea King Longshore. \

Darien and Alex met the rest of the heroes on Clovencrag after they made a short journey to Kheth, in an effort to check up on the situation on there home island. Kheth had apparently heard of there recent slaying of Crimdrac and the dragon has become a bit paranoid of the heroes, Darien met with Iriondal to update her on the situation, and had a conversation about the Horned Alliance with Lucien. 

Darien and Alex arrived on Kheth, and Leira's younger sister Leonda developed a crush on Darien. Leira showed Darien around the manor and told him of her imprisonment there as a child. Melas examined the Alhoon Sphere and with the help of Alex managed to tap into a Illithid communication device where a group of rogue Illithids where discussions various plans, plans of destablizing nations, arming rebels, and selling weapons to rogue imperialist factions. These Illithids also talked about other Far Realm entities who were operating in the world, Star Lords, the Elder Brains, Old Ones, and Eye Tyrants. They spoke of the various motivations of these factions, and how best to deal with them. 

While the heroes rested, Longshore manor was attacked! By a group of Weresharks flying under the flag of Sea King Senestrago, whose mission appeared to be to kidnap the Longshore children, an action that really struck a chord with Leira. After a lengthy battle the heroes managed to finish off the Weresharks, but discovered that the children were not Senestrago's only target. Morwai's lab had been broken into while the heroes were fighting, and a powerful device she was working on had been stolen…

"The Sea Bitch"
Chapter 4 Episode 7

12th of Hlal 1475 DY

Thamak and Leira investigated the island of Naelere while the rest of the heroes dealt with Crimdrac. Captain Raiko, a close friend of Darien's had lost a powerful artifact that was to be delivered to Sea King Valkori, unfortunately he was forced to hide it from Imperials on the island of Naelere and when he returned it had vanished. Now Valkori is angry at Raiko, and he needs the heroes help to find the Horn.  

Alongside Captain Raiko and Captain Cormack the heroes fought against a large ambush of goblins emblazoned with a Purple Sun, showing strange signs of corruption. Feeling like they were a bit in over there heads, Leira contacted Melas for aid. 

Departing from Darien and Alex, who had stopped by Kheth for a short visit to check up on the island, Melas Leira, and Thamak assualted  a smuggler's den fighting there way past a horde of goblins, bugbears, hobgoblins, ogres and trolls, arriving just in time to see the ship carrying the Horn departing the harbor. 

Melas teleported the heroes back to Waverunner and went in pursuit of the Sanghori vessel. While the ships engaged in a round of fire between themselves, Melas transported Thamak and Leira aboard the goblin ship where they did battle with there crew. Fighting against "Wyrmlord Axel" (actually a Ogre Mage) his dragon Bittertooth, and Speaker Indorac (a mindflayer Alhoon, and reason behind the purple sun). A ferocious fight followed as Melas and Indorac matched wits, when the battle finally started to go in the heroes favor, Axel blew the Horn of the Seadragon which summoned a Dragon turtle to assault them further. Indroac was slain by the Dragon Turtle's steam breath (after being beaten to a bloody pulp by Melas), but the psion was forced to transport his unconscious allies back to Waverunner in the hopes of healing up his allies quickly enough to escape the Dragon Turtle and Bittertooth.

As Melas set about healing his allies, another ship appeared around the bend, firing onto the Dragon Turtle. Once Leira was awoken, she recognized the ship, as it belonged to her sister Alyssa. Together with The Sea Bitch, the heroes killed the Ogre Mage, and Bittertooth, using the dominated Dragon Turtle as a battering ram. 

Alyssa spoke with Leria and informed her that Vulas and Priscilla were behind the attack on the capital, and that they were using some sort of strange device that created a temporal warp, not an actual explosion. Alyssa berated Leira for her choice to run away, and to free Vulas who she referred to as a terrorist. 

The pair of sisters shared an awkward and icy dinner were they traded barbs, and shared cake, even Melas normally oblivious of social situations quickly excused himself from the table via a teleport, leaving poor Thamak alone with the bickering sister. 

"Crimdrac's hoard"
Chapter 4 Episode 6

5th of Garyx 1475 DY

<u>Featuring Special Guest Star! Zalios Kennos. </u>

Zalios had been separated from the heroes for sometime, leaving to go out on his own to try and control his renewed demonic powers, being unwilling to give them up in light of the Far Realm incursion. Zalios is now out on his own finding creatures who are demontouched like himself, and trying to absorb there power, while balancing this increase in power with martial training. 

Zalios had come to the island of Crimdrac to slay it's dragon overlord who had once done battle with a powerful demon, and come out victorious. However Zalios had to bide his time and wait, knowing he couldn't do it alone…

The party on the other had were hunting Crimdrac to help relieve there friend Kato's debt to the Winterleaf Costor, with Alex, Darien and Melas traveling to the island to confront the dragon. Thamak and Leira were sent to Naelere in an attempt to find a horn for Torin Raiko, another friend of the party. 

Melas and Darien where reunited with Zalios after he came to there aid during an Orc ambush, together they assaulted the lumbermill where the Frost Giants were staying, swiftly taking care of the tribe before doing battle with Crimdrac himself on the frozen ground before the half built ship Icebreaker. 

Zalios was forced to assume his demon form during the battle against the dragon, and after Crimdrac had been slain his bloodlust drove him into attack Alex and Melas. Zalios finally managed to get control over himself, and again parted ways with the party. 

Darien & Melas met with Tallia Winterleaf and entered into an exclusive ship building contract with the company, after Tallia was impressed by there dragon slaying abilities. She also offered to add some more improvements to Morrow's Triumph at no additonal cost, but it would mean the ship would be under construction for another 3 weeks. 

"Assassin's in Anchortown"
Chapter 4 Episode 5


The heroes arrived with Ulisang Sajasane in Anchortown planning to deliver him to the Knights of Ardyn. While in Anchortown the heroes also planned to recruit new combat ready crew members, and collect there monthly revenue from there fleet. 

Thamak partnered with Kato to purchase an Inn, now named David and Goliath, and Kato informed the heroes that the Horned Alliance had put a bounty on there heads. 5000 for Alex, 10,000 each for Leira & Darien, and 20,000 for Melas. Kato also requested the heroes assistance in relieving a debt he owed to the Winterleaf Costor. 

The heroes were each individually attacked by assassins, with Leira being targeted by a group of street toughs, Darien by a hardened assassin, and Melas by a entirely different kind of threat. A group of Warforged Mage Killers had come to silence Melas, for his work to create a Warforge of his own. 

Melas with the help of Leira managed to capture one of the Warforged before the other two escaped. While Melas & Alex investigated the damaged Warforged, the others went to the Crow's Nest a bar for captain's in an attempt to recruit more men. 

Darien & Leria both saw familiar faces in the form of Captain Raiko and Captain Cormack. Both of the Captain's had recently come to hard times, with Darien agreeing to help Raiko, and Leria agreeing to return home with Cormack, once other business had been settled first. 

Unfortunately there recruiting efforts did the heroes little good as Sea King Sky Tyrant had sent men to recruit in the area as well lead by Arlot Hammerfist , it seemed that Vantajar's army was steadily increasing. 

In the middle of the night the heroes were assaulted by a pair of deadly assassins from the Horned Alliance named Rain and Sunshine. Melas's preternatural future sense allowed the heroes to get the drop on Rain below decks. While Sunshine and her horde of Imps ravaged the upperdeck dealing untold amounts of damage to the ship. In the ensuing chaos the Warforged returned seeking to destroy the evidence Melas had retrieved, they were ultimately successful as they jetted away in there submersible vehicle, while Rain and Sunshine used the heroes split attention to escape themselves. 

"Fort Elswyn"
Chapter 4 Episode 4

28th of Falazure 1475 DY

The heroes where tasked by the Knights of Ardyn to rescue a imperial defector named Ulisang Sajasane from an Imperial base that borders the Black Curtain. Enroute to the base the heroes where stopped by a routine imperial inspection by The Shadow's Bane Alex spoke with the Captain Vesta who urged Alex to avoid the Black Curtain, afraid that a "Captain" as young as him would be foolish enough to try. 

Arriving at Fort Elswyn the heroes met the prudish Captain Prak, and convinced him that they were selling his observation team paper supplies, Alex caused a distraction with his word of terror which allowed Melas to sneak further onto the base. 

Melas poisoned the Wyvern's so they could not pursue the ship, and snuck through the Fort searching for Ulisang. Eventually finding him in the Observation Room. Unfortunately Melas had been discovered by a group of scribes as he tried to sneak past them, and was forced to flee with Ulisang before stealing some important secrets within Prak's office. 

As Melas made his escape, the Eldritch Storm was surrounded, Alex managed to drive off most of the guards with his word of terror, but soon combat erupted as Leira killed some guards stuck in a hypnotic pattern. Alex, Melas, and Thamak fought against the Wyvern Riders, and the remaining Legionaires, while Leira used her Storm Sphere and flight to take out the Gunnery Tower, and Prak's ship The Viper. 

During the battle Melas dominated one of the Wyvern's and the crew subdued it below deck before the effect could run out, then the heroes made there escape, sailing towards Anchortown. 

Chapter 4 Episode 3

17th of Falazure 1475 DY

Halfway on through journey to Fort Elswyn, the heroes laid down to rest and were overcome by strange dreams. Unbeknownst to our heroes the Far Realm enity that had laid itself in Melas's head had drawn them into a nightmare realm where they could die in there dreams. 

Darien relived his early childhood memories with his Father, his meeting of Tallia and his fight with Haegar Kreed. 

Leira relived her early childhood spent in her Father's manor, and her subsequent kidnapping by Evan Senestrago. 

Thamak recalled be challenged by his tribe, challenges that would bring him into manhood. 

Alex remembered his first foray into Vecna worship, and the things he saw beneath Io'Fazor. 

After Melas was "reborn" into the world again he began to see the dreams of his friends, and noticed how there memories began warping into more dangerous siuations. Thamak was drawn into the Far Realm, Darien fought Zaibon, not Haegar, Senestrago attempted to kill Leria instead of ransom her ect. 

Melas managed to travel between these dreams and free his friends, before the enity in his head exploded out of the back of it. Forcing a fight in the Material plane against the creature. 

"Sinister Secret of Saltron"
Chapter 4 Episode 2

7th of Falazure 1474 DY

The heroes traveled to the island of Saltron, in a effort to help Melas sort through his muddled memories, and find out information about the Invidion. Arriving on the island Aivin discovered that not all was as it seemed, many of the people she knew were dead, and the strange new Dockmaster Nadir sought to keep the heroes within Orrinsport. Melas realized that this was the island he was reborn onto, which further complicated his memories. 

Nadir attacked the heroes as they tired to leave the town, but was quickly cut down by Alexandros, with the heroes discovering that Vecnites had taken over the island. A massive horde of Ghasts attacked Orrinsport (as Nadir was the only one who kept them from devouring the village. ) 

Fending off the horde of Ghasts, the heroes continued on to the Monastery where they were met my a Vampire named Isabella, who spoke with a strange accent. The heroes began exploring the library and Melas was drawn into a void, where he was given a choice between his friends and ultimate power. 

Emerging from the Void, Melas quickly realized that Leira and Thamak had been charmed by the Vampire, when both tried to kill him. Alexandros's sword was desperate to kill Isabella, and when he struck her down it absorbed her soul. 

After leaving the Monastery the heroes found the other Vampire, Nicoli, and Alex's sword again tried to take control and kill the vampire, but Alex resisted and discovered that his Wyrmworn spirit was that of Kas the Betrayer. Nicoli summoned his fearsome Mortis Engine, which killed Leria, and nearly killed Alex. 

Seeing all hope was lost Alex gave in to his inner dragon, and released the Betrayer. Kas destroyed Nicoli's Mortis Engine and slew the Vampire himself, and nearly killed the entire party, his might was so great, yet Melas managed to take advantage of his weakened state, knocking him unconscious before he could finish the job. 

Later Darien confronted his brother about his reckless use of power, and the argument nearly turned to blows, Darien was worried about his brothers willingness to do anything for massive amounts of power, and especially angry about his endangerment of Leira. 

Melas, Leira and Alex worked on finding out information on the Invidion to little avail, finding no maps to lead them to it, though they found several interesting books, including a map that shows where the Yuan-Ti fortress city of Selsyneir is. 

Before they could leave the island Johias spoke to the heroes about a important mission given to him by his superiors amongst the Knights of Arydn, a quest which will lead the heroes near to the Black Curtain…

Chapter 4 Episode 1

23rd of Ashardalon 1474 DY

The heroes set about wrapping up there business in Io'garaloth, purchasing a trio of ships and commissioning the building of a Warship named Morrow's Triumph. Setting out from the port the heroes headed to the island of Saltron, to confer with a order of Monks to try to find the location of the Invidion and sort out Melas's muddled memories. 

Enroute to Saltron the heroes ran into a freak storm, they managed to save the ship through excellent seamanship but The Eldritch Storm still had to be run aground for repairs. The heroes found themselves on the island of Urobrus an uncolonized island home to a tribe of crazed Hill Giants infected by Far Realm energy. While they were fighting said giants, a hunting group of goliaths led by Thamak Rockgut assisted them in the fight. Thamak led the heroes to his Grandmother Hualti who told of how the Rift was opened on the island. 

The rift which was making the giants go insane, was opened by a Goliath named Ravok who had powers similar to Melas. Ravok opened the Rift before leaving the island, and the open Rift corrupted everything on the island accept the Goliaths, including the earthquake dragon Urobrus. 

The heroes fought past more Hill Giants before they fought against the Earthquake dragon, narrowly beating him before they closed the Rift. Returning to Hualti they spoke at length about the nature of the Abberrtions power, which little is known about, Hualti has seen a trio of locations that would grant more insight in the fight against these creatures but does not know the exact location of any of them. 
<meta />

Inside the Sunken City of Io'halador is a drowned libary with tomes that will grant the heroes information about the nature of Melas's power. 

Inside Selsyneir a Yuan-Ti fortress city a impressive observatory contains maps of constellations long forgotten. 

Inside Vor Rukoth the former capital of Bael Turath that has been drawn into the 2nd lair of hell Dis, a temple lies where the original pact between the Turathi and the Devil was made, inside this temple is a weapon that the Turathi believed could defeat the Star Powers.  

As they departed the island Hualti sent her grandson Thamak with the heroes, Thamak being the most powerful warrior in their tribe, Hualti believed that he would be of more use to the heroes than to her tribe. 


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